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Hi, I am Cara

Hi, I’m Cara, a Money Mindset Coach and former Certified Financial Planner. From an early age I was intrigued with money. It fuelled my passion for supporting women in creating financial freedom and financial independence.

I wanted a life of freedom and choice where I could live, work and play from anywhere in the world.

After a life changing event, I moved across the country in my mid 30’s, knowing one person. I worked 28 days straight to set myself up to travel long term, something I’d always dreamed of doing and never done.  

I spent four months travelling the world solo, 15 countries, 11 flights, too many buses and trains to count. I experienced the magic of Cuba, the exuberance of Rio De Janeiro, sailing the Belizean coast and eating my way through Italy whilst dreaming of continuing a life of freedom and independence.

I headed back to Sydney, my soul whispering to me to follow my dreams, but ultimately returning to the safe option of what I knew in the corporate world.

From the outside looking in my life was amazing, but I was living someone else’s dream. Fast forward 10 months I escaped to a fitness retreat in Bali, burnt out from a high pressure, stressful corporate role.

I had a sliding doors moment on that fitness retreat in Bali in 2019, that enough was enough and it was time to follow my dreams of entrepreneurship and supporting women to feel confident and in control around money.

I blend the emotional and energetic side of money with the practical to support and guide you in transforming your relationship with money and creating wealth so you can live a life of abundance, freedom and flexibility.

Psychologists have found that 95% of our decisions come from our subconscious mind. Disempowering and outdated money beliefs are often embedded in our subconscious and impacting our financial reality.

We create situations in our life based on the stories we tell ourselves around money, that aren’t even true! Things like money is the root of all evil, rich people are snobs, you can’t have loving relationships AND be wealthy, it has to be hard to make money, its not possible for people like me. These are all BS stories running through our subconscious minds, which if we don’t change, will continue to sabotage us.