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How incredible would it feel to have a regular flow of money coming in to cover your living expenses that doesn't require much ongoing time or energy?
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Hey There, I'm Cara,

I work with strong women just like yourself to empower them to take charge of their financial future.

I not only have a background in financial planning, but more importantly I take women on a powerful exploration and discovery of their relationship with money and support them through their journey of learning how to love money and live the life they always dreamed of!

I believe that as driven, empowered women, it’s so important that we take charge of our destiny, especially our finances.
Having a thriving relationship with money can create so much freedom, joy and security to our life.

Discover how to create your first $5k in passive income without feeling overwhelmed!
You can have choices and the freedom to do work you love, travel the world and live your bougiest life!

A very small portion of the decisions we make are conscious and as such becoming aware of our subconscious beliefs, our money blocks and overcoming the challenging ones is imperative in order to live a life of choice, freedom and flexibility.

True abundance in all areas of your life, in health, wellness, family and wealth will increase exponentially once you unlock and overcome these challenging beliefs around money.

Couple this with a proven system of managing and allocating money to investments that create passive income and true wealth creation is inevitable.

There’s no time like the present to create the life of your dreams
Client Testimonials
Working with Cara is the best decision I’ve made all year! She helped me to truly transform my mindset around money, ultimately helping me to identify old habits that needed to be broken and create new ones that are propelling me into the woman I am meant to be. I cannot thank Cara enough for the impact she has made in my both my personal life and business!
Natalie Jenkins
Maryland, USA
Cara is so easy to talk to and you feel that the space is held for an honest conversation- a difficult topic for most i think. I finished my sessions with Cara feeling more confident about the changes I wanted to make, and how to make them while being realistic and honest with myself.
Tricia Fagg
Melbourne, Australia
Most women I work with…..

Stop burying their head in the sand about their finances. They stop looking to external factors to “save” them, whether that be winning lotto, their boss, a man or their family.

They stop being overly critical of themselves and the decisions they make and step into the powerful, savvy women they are! These ladies know exactly what they need to do to overcome their fear and anxiety about money.

They move from feeling overwhelmed and anxious about money to feeling safe, confident and empowered about money.

Create Financial Freedom for Life!
It’s time to feel confident
in creating your own financial future

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